Keynote speaker on global trends, author of 16 Futurist books - Patrick Dixon.


Future of Ukraine - Economic Outlook, Country Summary

Future of Emerging Markets - Keynote Speaker

Video made in 2007 before the Real Estate crash in Ukraine.

"Ukraine economy is growing fast with real estate speculation and risk of a market correction. Country is open to international investment, with business friendly government and good infrastructure."

Expect further rapid growth and social transformation.  By Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist and author of Futurewise.

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Future of Russia and former Soviet Bloc - Economy / Outlook

Future of Emerging Markets - Keynote Speaker

Economy and economic growth of Russia and central Asia. Huge catchup in big cities with massive infrastructure projects. Huge economic opportunities in former soviet bloc countries outside the largest cities in regional development.

Huge economic growth in places like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Expect the same in places like Belarus. Business growth and multinational investment. Foreign direct investment. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon.

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What is Human Cloning - How to Clone - Is Cloning Ethical?

What is Human Cloning? How to Clone. But Ethical?

Read by hundreds of thousands of people, here are a large number of useful human cloning resources, articles, videos - and comments by other students - about the future of human cloning, what is cloning, how to clone, cloning animals, cloning humans, cloning organs, therapeutic cloning. Is cloning ethical? Scientists are able to make clones from a wide range of adult animals - and have done so in humans, with embryos which have been later destroyed.  Some groups have claimed in the past to have implanted these human clone embryos, in order to make a baby which is the identical twin of an existing adult, but so far there has been no proof that a human clone has ever been born.  Find out how human cloning is carried out.  Read arguments for and against cloning people.  Leave your own comments to help others with their own human cloning assignments, projects or homework.


Radiation from Smartphones: The Truth

Future Health Care and Pharma Keynote Speaker

Video: "Mobile phone radiation - what are the facts? Dr Patrick Dixon"

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