10 trends that will really DOMINATE our future - all predictable, changing slowly with huge future impact - based on book The Future of Almost Everything by world-renowned Futurist keynote speaker. Over 100,000 views of this post. Discover your future!

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Over 100,000 views of this post, based on Futurist keynotes around the world.

Our future will be shaped by hundreds of trends which are changing relatively slowly and predictably, despite frenetic media hype and sudden disruptive events.

For 25 years I have accurately forecast global trends. You can see the evidence on this website with text of several entire Futurist books, plus hundreds of historic posts and keynote videos.

Here are ten of the most significant for the next 25-40 years:

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But watch out also for disruptive Wildcards - I warned in the same book that Number 1 on my Wildcard list was risk of "viral plaque, cases spreading rapidly in every continent" - written several years before COVID.  Another of my listed Wildcards was a major "miscalculation by a powerful nation leading to sustained regional conflict".  I also warned of these and many other likely events in my keynotes to multinationals in many nations.

1) Fall of all technology and connectivity costs

50 year trend, which will continue for at least another 50 years, because of new discoveries, innovation, economies of scale and human need.

Take solar cells for example, which will continue to plunge in price.  For some communities they are already the cheapest source of electric power, and by 2030 they will make most other ways of power generation look really last century.

2) Universal access to mobile web

There are already more mobile SIM cards in the world than human beings and in most nations of the world. Most web access and e-commerce is now via a mobile device.

And by 2030, trillions of items will be joined up online, sharing information in the greatest and most explosive phase of digital expansion.

3) 1 billion children alive in the world

Never again in human history will so many children be growing up at the same time.  All will see your lifestyle in advertising or on TV or the web.  All will aspire to middle class wealth, education, health care.  Global population will peak at around 11 billion in 2060.

Those 1 billion children will all be adults in less than 18 years, and most will have children of their own in 25 years. Their views and lifestyles will dominate our planet for the next 50-80 years.

4) Over 85% of humankind living in emerging markets 

That’s almost everyone.  So if you live in a developed nation, think some really radical thoughts about life in 2030.  The only markets worth investing in for many industries, will be emerging markets.  

The collective voice, opinions and lifestyle choices of those living in emerging markets will one day completely dominate our entire world.  America and Europe will decline as global players.

5) Growth of middle class consumers in emerging markets

Over a billion new middle class consumers will be created in emerging markets during the next 30 years, as a result of better education and economic growth.

Countries like China and India will be transformed by growth of their own domestic markets – becoming much less dependent on exports of goods or services to developed nations like America or Japan.

6) Huge growth in life expectancy in most nations

The life expectancy of every person living in a city like London has been getting longer by an average of one year in every four years - despite a recent blip.  

That’s without the miracles of medical technology, pharma and health care that we can expect in the next 50 years.  Life expectancy is growing even faster in many of the poorest nations.

By 2040 we will know all the secrets of non-ageing animals – of which there are many types – and will be finding new ways to slow down ageing in wealthy humans.

7) Growth in global trade and corporate giants

Every year, trade between nations continues to grow rapidly, as our world continues to become more joined up as a single economic community.  

Yes at the same time we will see periods of local or regional disruptions, and shortening of supply chains.  But the trend will endure.

Expect huge consolidation and mergers in manufacturing, distribution and retail.  Over 70% of all retail spending will be captured by less than 10 companies in many nations by 2040.  

In 2050 there will still be only 2-3 major airline manufacturers, only 2-3 global mobile or computer operating systems, only 10 mega-sized pharma companies, less than 5 major groups of car manufacturers.

8) Increased automation – factories, cars, offices, homes

The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Robotics and AI will all accelerate global automation of every aspect of human existence.  This is an irresistible trend that has been accelerating for over 100 years.  

Despite this, expect several billion more jobs to be created, mainly in service industries, as people look for ever more creative and personal ways to improve quality of life.

9) Tribalism feeding radical extremists and terrorism

Tribalism is the most powerful force on earth today.  Every family is a tribe. Every community is a tribe. Every brand forms a tribe.  Every large company is a tribe of tribes.

As a reaction to globalization and threats to local cultures, languages and ways of life, expect rapid growth of tribalism, localism, activism and terrorism.  

These forces will be fed by social media, and will undermine many democracies (and dictatorships), while also encouraging tribal leadership: populist, emotional and autocratic, appealing to tribal instincts and issues.

10) Search for purpose, sustainability and spiritual meaning

Most people in the world say that they have spiritual beliefs which influence how they think, feel and live.  

As communities become wealthier, expect sharper focus on purpose, meaning, making a difference and spirituality.

As part of this, expect intense focus on longer term sustainability for our world.

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