Future of Artificial intelligence - discussion on AI opportunities and Artificial Intelligence threats. From AI predictions to Artificial Intelligence control of our world. What is the risk of AI destroying our world? Truth about Artificial Intelligence

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Future of Artificial intelligence - discussion on AI opportunities and Artificial Intelligence threats. From AI predictions to Artificial Intelligence control of our world. What is the risk of AI destroying our world? Truth about Artificial Intelligence

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Discussion on AI / Artificial Intelligence by Patrick Dixon with Board of a Charitable Foundation.

Infosys has invested hugely in AI predictive analytics, for example in the oil and gas sector.

Engineers planted around 30 sensors on several oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, and connected their data outputs to AI. The sensors were recording things like temperature, air pressure, low frequency vibrations, high pitched sounds and so on, and matching the data to other events such as mechanical breakdowns.

After a few weeks, the team had an alert from the Artificial Intelligence system, warning that there was going to be a problem soon on one of the rigs, which was not taken very seriously because the system had only just been set up.

A few days later there was a major incident, and the engineers realised that the AI system had discovered how to prevent disasters. But how?

AI had detected unusual and obscure data patterns beyond any human understanding.

AI in health care is already better than doctors at diagnosis from images

The same has happened with doctors reading X rays of bones or 3D scans of the human brain.

AI was fed with tens of thousands of images, matched with diagnosis made at the time by experts.

The AI health care system was also fed older images of the same person.

So for example, a brain tumour may have been obvious in the later images but invisible to the human eye in earlier ones.

And as a result, in many hospitals around the world, AI is now detecting cancers far earlier than any human being can manage.

Indeed, Articificial Intelligence  is better at image analysis than the human beings that trained AI.

Not just for medical images, but any images: face recognition, recognition of people by the way they walk, and so on.

How AI can predict what you are going to do in the next few seconds

AI can already predict human behaviour quite accurately - tennis champions in the global competition circuit for example.

There is nothing new really about AI predicting human behavior.

Of course, autonomous cars can only drive safely by anticipating what other drivers may decide to do.

And Artificial Intelligence in marketing is used extensively to map out what kind of ads to present us with online, based on lifestyle choices, age and so on.

But we can use AI to make human predictions in a far more sophisticated way.

Infosys has built and AI system to predict play of professional tennis players

Infosys has also invested a lot of effort in using AI to predict the play of professional tennis players.

To do this, they fed video of every major tennis tournament into an AI system, going back 30 years, plus all the associated data such as serve speed, scores and so on.

The Infosys team were astonished at what happened next.

They started testing the Artificial Intelligence tennis system with matches the system had never seen before, with players whose previous matches were in the system.

The questions was this: could their AI tennis platform predict precisely what shot a particular world-class player is going to play next, at any point in any game?

The answer was yes to AI, in many cases.

So much so that Infosys started taking groups of VIP clients to Wimbledon Tennis Championships to demonstrate the AI technology.

Infosys also started talking about using AI in predict tennis with coaches of the best players in the world, offering fresh insights.

Of course every coach is coaching their players to be LESS predictable than their opponents.

Turns out that even the most successful tennis players are far more predictable than they imagine, in the shots they play or don’t play, in the impact on their playing of their own mood, physical tiredness and so on.

In ways that only AI could detect.  What appeared rehearsed play patterns but fairly random during an actual game, turned out to be highly predictable if you combined with other data such as who the opponent is, where in the match they are playing and so on.

And all of this was being picked up and inwardly digested by AI.

AI in detecting fraud and commit crimes

AI is being used in similar ways to detect fraud in banking systems.

AI collects many tens of thousands of data points about each credit card user, to predict what kind of purchases they are most likely to make next.

So the moment an “unusual” purchase is detected by AI, the card is blocked by AI.  But what it it makes a mistake?  Artificial Intelligence is already controlling your own ability to pay for things using cards. 

Data points fed to AI can go far beyond normal size of payment or location of the person.

It can include the IP of the device being used, fingerprinting, browser data, keyboard pressure, the angle the smartphone is being held when a PIN number is being entered, the interval between each of the numbers being entered, intonation of voice and so on.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence banking platforms can also be abused to trick other such bankingsystems for criminal intent.

For example, faking someone’s voice, faking a video of someone talking (both image and their voice), faking IP address.

AI will have rapidly growing power to lock a billion people out of their own lives

The trouble is that now we already live in a world where AI can and does automatically block us from part of our day to day lives, in an instant, in ways that can be hard to challenge.

In future you could find that your entire day to day life has been effectively “cancelled” by an Artificial Intelligence platform, maybe as a result of a single error in code.

It happened to me the other day. I was travelling in Asia and one of my credit cards was blocked – because I had been through so many different nations in the previous week, none of them places I usually visit.

AI from one bank alerted Artificial Intelligence in other banks so I soon found that all my other cards were also blocked by AI. And AI systems are often linked to other AI systems so in less than a minute you can find that 10 cards across 10 different banks have all been locked down.  Your banking privileges globally have been cancelled.  You have lost the privilege of money.

In that moment I had indeed effectively lost the ability to travel, buy food, pay for a taxi, pay for a hotel room - all because of an error by one AI system which then triggered decisions by other AI systems.

AI robots are also monitoring social media. It may not matter to you if a particular social media platform is blocked for you for a few days but for many it could be hugely damaging.

What happens if your LinkedIn profile is blocked for some reason?  With 900 million profiles on the platform this is now the number one place HR executives go from many companies to check out biographies, select people for interview and so on.  If your LinkedIn profile is terminated you won't easily get another job. Even worse if the message is that your account has been suspended.


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