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Reviews of Building a Better Business - by Patrick Dixon

“One of the most stimulating and challenging reads in this field for a very long time.  Often I wondered how the ideas could be applied only to find the answer on the next page.  It is not that we should agree on every idea – but that we should improve what we do by facing the challenges presented by this book” Sir Digby Jones, Director-General, Confederation of British Industry

“A really helpful guide to success.  Essential reading for anyone running a business.  I love the positive spirit of this book, about making great things happen – for customers, staff and shareholders – great purpose and great fun at the same time.”   Brent Hoberman Co-founder and CEO of

“Excellent management books should spur you into action. This one does! A thoroughly enjoyable and refreshing read, containing clearly-distilled views which do provoke even the most experienced leader to think again.” Lord Leitch, Chairman of the Employment Panel, former CEO of Zurich Financial Services in UK and Asia, Former Chairman of the Association of British Insurers

“Essential truths which we will come to see as pivotal in our understanding of how successful organizations will be led. Patrick Dixon’s own passion and purpose are self evident in these pages and everyone in a leadership role will be invigorated by reading of his desire to build better business - and a better world.” David Smith, CEO, Global Future Forum

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“Patrick Dixon is first among equals in “how-to” business writings. This brilliant book reveals how passion for your customers and your mission is vital in developing strong brands. For anyone who cares about business success, Building a Better Business is a must read.” Professor Liping Cai, Director Purdue Tourism & Hospitality Research Center, Purdue University, USA

“May I congratulate you on a perfect summary of all important factors that contribute to success in business and private life. What a potential for better results – and ultimately success!” Robert Salzl, CEO Arabella Hotel Holding International GmbH and Co

'It can be a little bit scary when you read a book like 'Building a Better
Business'. So much of it resonates instantly with one’s own personal and business circumstances and experience. It is also comforting to realize that none of us are alone in trying to build better businesses and more particularly, as Patrick Dixon says, a better world.' Paul O’Toole, Chief Executive, Tourism Ireland

“If you want to be a great leader, you need to read this book.  A vital guide to management and business success, full of practical examples which provoke, inspire, encourage and challenge.  Tackles many of the most important issues in business today.” Professor Prabhu Guptara, Director of Executive Learning, Wolfsburg, subsidiary of UBS

“Building a better world is a message that every business leader needs to listen to and turn into action. Patrick Dixon correctly suggests that purpose is always three sided: the satisfaction of performance goals for the enterprise must be hitched to the personal goals of those who lead it and those who work in it, and all has to be accomplished with an eye to the broader good of society at large. This is a must-read for those who care about our common future”. Professor Derek Abell, President, European School of management and Technology, Berlin

'Patrick Dixon clearly underlines the importance of the relational and ethical dimension in building and sustaining a successful business - advice which I believe no business leader can afford to ignore.' Michael Schluter, Founder and President, The Relationships Foundation, Cambridge

“Patrick Dixon’s message is powerful, practical and important for every business leader. One of the most striking things about the Young Presidents Organisation’s 9,000 business owners, with combined turnover of several trillion dollars a year, is a common desire to make a difference, to use business success to make important things happen in our wider world – and that is what this book is all about.  The good news is that when we are truly passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, our customers are better cared for, staff feel more committed, the community benefits – and our business is also more likely to be profitable, as well as personally fulfilling.” Alex Cappello , Chairman Young Presidents Organisation, Chairman and CEO Cappello Group

“A cracking good read, full of practical insights that will change your business life and understanding fundamentally” Paul Williams , CEO MLS Business Centres

"The bookshelves are heaving with texts about how to improve your business and it"s not always that much fun for us having to wade through them on your behalf. However, Building a Better Business by Patrick Dixon, comes with a glowing testimonial from none other than Sir Digby Jones, director general of the CBI. According to the author many companies could increase their productivity by more than 10% by "re-discovering their real purpose". He says there is a "motivational crisis" in business in the UK and Ireland. Mr Dixon puts forward a five-point plan to bring about a radical change in business thinking: 1. Reconnect with your true purpose; 2. Focus far more on the good the company does; 3. Take a wider view - what else can the company do?; 4. Connect with the passions of you staff and customers; 5. Put your money with your mouth is. He backs up his philosophies with case studies and research although statistics can, of course, be interpreted in different ways.  Mr Dixon has a heavyweight reputation in the business world with the Wall Street Journal hailing him as a "global change guru Sir Digby described it as "one of the most stimulating and challenging reads in this field for a very long time." Daily Post 6 April 2005

"Dr Patrick Dixon thinks all companies could increase their profits by 10pc if they ``connected with passion''. His book (of course) reveals that many people don't like working, but they would if only they knew how fantastic their company was and how much good it did. He believes staff are more moved by this stuff than by profits or potential pay rises. Dixon claims to be offering $20,000 to anyone who can come up with a mission statement not based on building a better world." Daily Telegraph 7 April 2005

* 50% of the author's receipts from sale of this book will be used to support AIDS care and prevention programmes in Africa and Asia

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