How interest rate policies will change: future inflation risks, global economy

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Why governments are changing interest rate policies and targeting slightly higher inflation rates. Risks of targeting inflation rates as low as 2% with little room for macro-economic shocks or deflationary events. Predictions by many economists have been unreliable in the 2008-2011 global crisis, partly because economists tended to underestimate the financial and political complexities. Challenges to global economy and vulnerability of some developed nations to deflation, despite short term inflation caused by higher oil prices and other commodity shortages. Economic outlook for US and Europe in the midst of urgent attempts to avoid another recession. Managing additional pressures to national economies from possible breakup of Eurozone, default by Greece on government debt and contagion across Europe, impacting credit ratings of other nations, and solvency of European banks. What will interest rate policy be of European Central Bank, Federal Reserve and Bank of England. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon at TRET event for Real Estate Agents and Property Developers.

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