Future Digital Broadcasting, Media and BBC - Patrick Dixon interviews CEO of the BBC and gives address at Google Zeitgeist premier client event

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Mark Thompson, Director General BBC, and Dr Patrick Dixon (Chair) at Google Zeitgeist Summit 2007

Dr Patrick Dixon chairing session for Google Zeitgeist on the future of media, advertising, marketing and broadcasting. For more see presentation on future of the BBC by Dr Patrick Dixon.

The next techno-wave: RFID - 10 billion wireless tagging devices

Wal-Mart races ahead with Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs): electronic barcodes for manufacturing, distribution and retail - major concerns about data leakage, privacy and civil rights

The Future of Outsourcing

Business processing outsourcing, call centres, IT, offshore HR services, customer support, legal and accounting. Truth about outsourcing impact on emerging economies, US and Europe. Benefits and risks.

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