Supermodels sell human eggs on-line to infertile couples

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New treatment for infertility?

Selling human eggs on-line is the latest fashion.  Infertile couples are buying human eggs on-line.  Supermodels could have whole new career selling their eggs.  After all, sperm banks have been around for years - so why not donate eggs which might give a child a genetic advantage? Indeed, a former Playboy pin up supermodel e-mailed me the other day, offering to give her DNA so she could actually be cloned, for parents who would like to adopt her little twin sisters.

Some men have fathered thousands of babies through sperm donation.  Women, however, face risks each time eggs are collected as anyone going through an IVF program knows.  Ovarian hyperstimulation for example, which can cause death in extreme cases, is caused by drugs used to make ovaries produce many eggs as a treatment for infertility.

There is another problem: eggs only provide half the genes - and no genetic guarantees.  Human cloning provides the ultimate pedigree child:  a designer baby for someone infertile, with exactly the same genes (identical twin) of someone already alive.  A supermodel only needs to donate cells - skin, white blood cells, or from any other tissue. The cell nucleus is removed and added to a human egg that has had a nucleus removed.  The two fuse and a clone is made.  This technique has already succeeded using a human cell and a cow's egg.

There is an emotional and ethical / moral issue with all these techniques:  the result is a child whose welfare should be highest in our minds.  Every step away from the "natural", where a child is brought up in a loving home by his or her biological parents, is likely to affect the child's emotional future.  And what happens to ordinary people in a world where children are no longer loved and valued for who they are, but only so long as they look good enough or are bright enough or athletic enough?  What kind of message does it give to millions of teenagers who already have trouble living up to impossible expectations about the shape of their bodies, their eyes, noses or anything else.

Expect to see not only supermodels selling eggs on-line for infertile couples, but just about every other human organ available in bio-auctions within the next three years.  It will happen faster than you think.  But is that the kind of world you really want to live in?

All this effort in the pursuit of happiness, an ultimate dream.  But the fact is that the wealthier and healthier we are, the more miserable developed nations seem to be.  Suicide rates soar, divorce rates, child abuse and mental breakdowns at peak levels.  Are we really building a heavenly world with these new gene technologies?

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grpreet singh
August 03, 2010 - 13:22

i dont under stant what it mean please clear all the thing.

November 19, 2008 - 13:50
pros and cons of human cloning!!

im doing this report on human cloning and i need some pros and cons. i cant find anything that i dont already have. can you pease help me?

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