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76 Risk Management, Innovation and Customer Experience in Payments Industry, banking, credit cards, keynote speaker - Futurist SLIDES
77 How science will change our world in 50 years - Saudi Arabia Science and Creativity Festival keynote speaker - MAWHIBA - Futurist SLIDES
78 Future of Supply Chain and Logistics - for Danfoss event in Slovenia - Futurist Speaker - SLIDES
79 Future of Infrastructure - energy, water, roads, rail, ports, airport hubs, cities, malls - infrastructure keynote speaker and Futurist Patrick - SLIDES
80 Professional Journey - Patrick Dixon Futurist Speaker, Keynote Future Industry
81 Future of Health Care and Medical Technology in South Korea - Futurist SLIDES
82 How to live longer, healthier - future of health, pharma, biotech, medtech, hospitals - healthcare keynote speaker - Futurist SLIDES
83 Future of Money - cash in an e-commerce, e-wallet, mobile world - Futurist keynote speaker Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
84 Future of Global Trade - keynote by Futurist Patrick Dixon for Maersk - SLIDES
85 Future of Health Care, Medical Tech, Biotech, Pharma, Diagnostics, Wearable health devices - Futurist keynote by Dr Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
86 SustainAgility - take hold of your future - key trends and impact on Air Liquide - sustainability keynote by Patrick Dixon - Futuris SLIDES
87 Future of Auto Industry and Retail Industry, e-commerce, mobile payments - Futurist keynote for BBVA - SLIDES
88 Future of the Insurance Industry and Pensions - Insurance industry trends keynote by Futurist Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
89 Future of Risk Management in Banking - and wider global trends - keynote by Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
90 Future of the Auto Industry, cars, trucks, lorries, electric vehicles - Futurist keynote - SLIDES
91 Global Trends, Disruptive Technologies and Managing Risks
92 How your future world will change - for Mitsui - keynote on global trends by Futurist Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
93 Global Trends - 6 Faces of Future for Mitsui - by Futurist keynote speaker Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
94 Future of Money - cash in an e-commerce, mobile world - Futurist keynote speaker Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
95 Future of commodities in green tech world, sustainability keynote for Koch by Patrick Dixon - Futurist SLIDES
96 Future of Mining - key trends - keynote by Patrick Dixon for Rio Tinto - Futurist SLIDES
97 Future of Travel Industry - for Panasonic Client Event - Futurist Keynote Speaker Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
98 Future of Telecom - how to create customer magic and why telco business models are broken - Futurist SLIDES
99 Take Hold of Your Future - MITIE - Creating Extraordinary Customer Experience - Futurist SLIDES
100 How your world will change: future of consumers, business and government in Baltic States. Futurist speaker Patrick Dixon at...

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