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101 SIx Face of the Future - Megatrends impact on Latvia / Estonia / Lithuania - Futurist Speaker at Riga World Trends Forum
102 El Futuro de la Gestión de la Cadena de Suministro y de la Logística - Futurist speaker logistics - SLIDES
103 Future Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Retail, e-Commerce, offshoring, inshoring, outsourcing - Futurist Speaker - keynote by Patrick Dixon - SLIDES
104 Future of Insurance Industry - life insurance, future of pensions, savings and fund management - insurance keynote by Futurist speaker - SLIDES
105 Future of Banking and Financial Services - Futurist lecture for Nordea Bank - Banking Keynote Speaker - SLIDES
106 Future of the Cotton Industry - textiles, fabrics, cotton production, manufacturing - Futurist Speaker - SLIDES
107 Take Hold of the Future - Improve the State of the World - Futurist Keynote for World Economic Forum Fellows - SLIDES
108 Future of Hotels and Travel Industry - Hotel trends in Ireland - Futurist Keynote Speaker - SLIDES
109 Future of Banking, mobile banking, mobile payments, global corporate banking, private banking and retail banking trends - Futurist Keynote Speaker - SLIDES
110 Future of Real Estate - commercial development, retail and construction - Futurist keynote speaker - SLIDES
111 Future of retailing, mobile, computers, customers - retail industry keynote speaker for Samsung Latin America - Futurist SLIDES
112 Future of retail, customer kinship, relationship, partnership, malls, stores, mobile, e-commerce - Futurist keynote speaker - SLIDES
113 Future of Retail - electronic goods, appliances, furniture - retail industry keynote speaker - Futurist SLIDES
114 Future of banking, retail and corporate, digital customers, leadership, change management - futurist keynote speaker - SLIDES
115 Future of Leadership, Strategy, Change Management, and global trends in textiles, polyester, plastic bottles, packaging - conference keynote speaker for Indorama - Futurist SLIDES
116 Future Trends, Strategy and Change Management - keynote for BASF - Futurist SLIDES
117 Future of E-commerce, M-commerce and retail consumer trends - Futurist keynote speaker Patrick Dixon - Ennovation - SLIDES
118 Future of Retail Industry and online / mobile marketing - in Bulgaria - Futurist keynote speaker - SLIDES
119 Future of Insurance Industry - trends keynote for global insurance conference - Futurist SLIDES
120 Future of life sciences, health care, medical technology, biotech, future of the pharma industry, diagnostics, laboratory research and medical imaging - Futurist SLIDES
121 Future of Financial Services, Banks, Insurance, Auditors - Futurist keynote speaker - SLIDES
122 Future of health care, life sciences, biotech, medtech and pharma - keynote speaker - SLIDES

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