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Future business success means a sharp strategy with clear vision based on deep understanding of future trends in your industry. Agile leadership teams able to change course rapidly, smart innovation, crowdsourcing, well defined management objectives and key performance indicators. Customer focus. All real innovation is about divergence not convergence. Take hold of your future. Courage, self-belief and determination to change the world for the better. True business leadership is about changing the future, in product design, manufacturing, delivering a service, future competitor activities, regional regulations, interest rates and so on. Research and development goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship, corporate and social responsibility etc. Excellence means integration of different business units, maximising synergies and controling costs. Comment by Futurist keynote conference speaker and chair, Patrick Dixon, author 13 books including Futurewise and Sustainagility. Nordic Business Awards at London Stock Exchange organised by UK Trade and Investment, UK government

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January 28, 2014 - 22:14

Hi. Patrick

Thank you for the contribution you are making in our global society. I learned a lot from your writings particularly because you are addressing current and future issues affecting the globe.

I am also writing a book on senior management, you inspired me.
With your permission i would like to use some of your work.

Keep the good work up.

Thank you in advance

Thabiso Kheu

September 25, 2012 - 20:36

Thanks for the great comments on the fuutre of travel industry a really interesting debate on important issues. And thanks to others too for your comments on my others videos which many tens of thousands will read with interest over the next months . Do share your insights and thoughts and remember to tell us which country you live in . I read every comment and reply where I can

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