Future of Food Retail - shopping, customers. British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) keynote - Futurist VIDEO

Dr Patrick Dixon, YouTube Futurist Keynote Speaker - Recent Futurist YouTube Videos - Keynote Speaker

Future of food industry, groceries and retail trends. Future of retail customers, supermarkets, corner shops, out of town superstores and 24 hour food outlets. Future of fresh food, chilled food and frozen food. Future patterns of food consumption, including convenience foods and fast food outlets, leisure food industry and restaurants. Future of food safety and food hygiene. Future regulation in the food industry. Radical changes to the future of the food industry across Europe. Consolidation and mergers - impact on customer choice. Why most people don't enjoy food shopping and how to create magic for customers. Focus on shopping experience, create sense of theatre, marketing with scents, aromas, free food samples in-store. Lessons from food selling in street markets. Future of online food shopping, click and collect. Future marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing, viral marketing. Big Data and Little Data. Lessons from airlines, banking, restaurants and web browsing. Conference speaker - keynote lecture for British Frozen Food Federation by Futurist Patrick Dixon.


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