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Neuromarketing is a controversial area of market research that uses neuropsychology to study consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, affective  and emotional responses to marketing stimuli. 

There are various methods of watching the brain "think" or process stimuli, and all these are being used in hospitals to diagnose various conditions.  

These same techniques are now being used to "diagnose" marketing issues.

Neuromarketing techniques

Neuromarketing techniques include tracking eye movements, EEG (cap on head), watching for changes in facial expressions, functional MRI brain scans (watch areas light up as different parts of the brain are more or less excited), watching pupil size.  

Neuromarketing is just an extension of all kinds of digital testing that has been going on in online marketing for years.  

For example, discovering that price tags without a currency symbol are less scary to consumers than with them, and so on.

What is an example of neuromarketing research?

An example of neuromarketing research is showing customers several different types of packaging to see what parts of their brains light up.

The one that causes certain areas of the brain to light up the most may turn out to be the most effective in sales campaigns even though marketing focus groups suggested different results.

Is neuromarketing illegal?

Neuromarketing takes the results of brain studies in customers to design more effective campaigns and there is no country that prevents this by law at present.

What companies use neuromarketing?

Many global fast moving consumer goods companies use neuromarketing to assist in designing products, packaging and marketing campaigns.

What is the purpose of neuromarketing?

The purpose of neuromarketing is to make products that appeal to customers, perhaps on subconscious levels.

Neuromarketing research is growing rapidly.

Neuromarketing courses are available. Neuromarketing books are few in number at present. 

Wikipedia describes Neuromarketing as "a commercial marketing communication field that applies neuropsychology to market research, studying consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective responses to marketing stimuli."

Patrick Dixon is a keynote speaker on neuromarketing and global marketing trends.

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