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Trust is the most important thing you sell - if you are a bank, insurance company, health company, holiday company, retailer, construction company or health provider. That's why reputational risk is such a major issue. Trust takes decades to build and can be lost in a moment. But what happens in a world where most people no longer trust politicians, or journalists, they don't trust national health advisors and also mistrust CEOs of large companies. This Trust crisis creates a gap. If all official sources of information are mistrusted, what is left? Answer: social networks become even more influential, often based on local opinion, emotion, partial truths or complete misunderstandings. So what is the answer? ALL those in positions of leadership, and that includes journalists and those in the media, need to take UTMOST care to base what they say on truth, be clear when they are expressing a personal view, and seek to act at all times in ways that build trust. Those in companies promoting products need to be really careful that they act with complete integrity in every claim they make, and treat customers as the would expect to be treated themselves. And when things go wrong, the best way to manage reputational risk is to disclose early, apologise rapidly, take big steps to prevent it happening again, and be generous in dealings with those who have been adversely affected.

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