Future Manufacturing 5.0. Lessons from personal life for all manufacturers. Manufacturing Keynote

Dr Patrick Dixon, YouTube Futurist Keynote Speaker - Recent Futurist YouTube Videos - Keynote Speaker

Get ready for the Net Zero Manufacturing Revolution which will run faster and stronger than Manufacturing 4.0 ever did. Expect 100,000 manufacturing innovations to reduce energy consumption, reduce embodied carbon in manufacturers products, and drive sales by proving better environmental standards. These changes in manufacturing will happen much faster than government regulations, just like we saw in other sectors such as food safety, food labelling, animal welfare in farming and food traceability. Expect massive pressures up and down supply chains from larger manufacturers who will be required to report on the carbon emissions per product manufactured. Concerns about climate emergency has increased during the COVID pandemic, and this will be a very long term change. It was just an acceleration of year on year growing concerns. What would it take for concern about climate emergency to turn into a global "war" against climate change? Extract from future of manufacturing 5.0 keynote for New Mexico Advanced Manufacturing Summit.


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