Future of Animal Health: vets, pets and farming for Boehringer Ingleheim by Futurist Keynote Speaker - VIDEO

Dr Patrick Dixon, YouTube Futurist Keynote Speaker - Recent Futurist YouTube Videos - Keynote Speaker

Future of animal health: pets, farm animal welfare, vets. Market for pet food and pet products / health treatments for cats and dogs. New treatments for cows, pigs, horses, sheep. L+How research in animal health is being applied to human health, and human medical breakthroughs are being applied in animal health. Future of stem cell research in rebuilding / repairing joint damage, joint injuries and arthritis in animals. Antiageing research in animals. Key trends in retail pet products such as pet food. Changing role of veterinary experts. Changes in farming practices and impact on animal health. Medtech in animal health. Changes in food production and retail food sales. New methods of marketing and client support. Customer focus in animal health. Dr Patrick Dixon is a Futurist keynote conference speaker - keynote on animal health for Boehringer Ingleheim in Germany.


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