Future of Cars: auto industry trends. Robot drivers, e-vehicles, flying cars - keynote speaker

Dr Patrick Dixon, YouTube Futurist Keynote Speaker - Recent Futurist YouTube Videos - Keynote Speaker

Future of cars and auto industry: despite massive innovation eg electric power / robot drivers, fact is that change will be slow on the roads. Just about to give Futurist keynote for AutoLiitto 100th Anniversary in Helsinki where 6 old cars are sold for every new one, and cars often stay on the roads for over 25 years. What that means is that even if EVERY new car today in Finland was e-powered and robot driven, it would take at least 2 decades for major impact to be felt. There are also limitations imposed by physics of wind resistance - all cars designed by robots using wind tunnel data; also by the shape of human beings and the kind of seats they find comfortable to sit in. These limitations mean that even the most radical of cars/ road vehicles will look in many ways quite similar outwardly to some models today.


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