Future of Digital Marketing - make magic for customers: video and notes of entire Futurist keynote at Google premier event: mobile marketing, social marketing, YouTube / viral marketing, mobile banking and retail for 350 Google Digital Marketing Partners

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Watch entire keynote on future of digital marketing - at Google premier marketing event - Google Accelerate. Over 67,000 companies globally sell themselves as digital marketing experts but only 350 across the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa are fully accredited as Google Digital Partners - and most of these global experts were in my audience. The whole keynote has been split into 8 shorter pieces:

Create Customer Magic

How to create magic for your customers using social media marketing and mobile marketing. Future of pay-per-click advertising, and mobile marketing campaigns and digital marketing.

Discover the greatest secrets of all successful mobile marketing, social marketing trends, and how to make money using Big Data and why Little Data matters most in targeting customers. 

How to use live data analytics to sharpen digital marketing and social media campaigns. Why social marketing can freak out your customers.

End of traditional marketing

The end of traditional marketing – transition to a personal advisor along the journey of life. Lessons from Uber and future of retail. Why online sales are far too slow and why same day or same hour delivery will grow incredibly fast. 

Digital marketing: how to win or lose customers in 5 seconds. Why web has made us very impatient. Different web strategies for different types of digital devices. Future of call centres. Future of pay-per-click advertising, and mobile marketing campaigns.

Discover the greatest secrets of all successful mobile marketing, social marketing trends. 

Why most people hate many marketing messages

Why most marketing directors hate other people marketing to them.

Future of digital marketing. Future of pay-per-click, SMS marketing campaigns, pop-up screen advertising and video marketing campaigns.

Future of mobile marketing and secret to successful next-generation marketing campaigns.

How to use video marketing campaigns. How to build marketing campaigns using YouTube. Autoplay videos and audience retention.

Why Little Data means even more than Big Data

Big Data and Little Data in marketing and generating sales.

How to use the customer insights you have using Big Data without freaking out customers and invading privacy.

Detecting website user "struggle" and problems with web pages.

Why Little Data really matters.

Lessons from consumer analytics in hotels, restaurants, retail industry and airlines.

Future of retail and e-commerce

Future of e-commerce.

Calculating life-time customer value to determine advertising budget.

Marketing pay-back period and calculating marketing budgets.

Future of retail: fusion of offline and online retail sales.

Future of home delivery, click and collect, pay and collect depots. Why online delivery is too slow.

Future of same day delivery. Impact on logistics and supply chain management, warehousing for the retail industry. Example of same day retail delivery using Uber as a delivery service.

Future of location-based marketing.  

Future of mobile payments - who owns the customer?

How mobile payments will transform both telcos and banks.

Retail banking in world where costs of providing smartphones, bandwidth etc is falling to zero, while revenues from mobile transactions are rising fast.  

Personalised marketing messages. Social marketing and digital marketing trends.

Dealing with concerns about consumer privacy. Threats to business model of telcos and retail banks.

And finally...

Summary: Future of marketing - death of traditional marketing. Authentic, integrity, revelation and information rather than hype and spin.

Focussing on customer experience to create customer magic.

Mobile marketing with a touch of digital genius.

Examples of how to create customer magic, in partnership with companies like Google.

Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon, speaking at Google premier marketing trends event.

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