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This video is part of a keynote for UK retailers. The fact is that most marketing directors of large multinationals are caught up in marketing strategies that belong to the last-century, constrained by business models which have yet to catch up with multichannel, multiplatform, multitasking, multifocussed customers.

People often ask me as a Futurist and consultant on marketing, just how much faster I think our world can go, and what will be the impact on human beings.

One thing is certain - we are only in the first hours of the first day of the digital revolution - and future generations will look back at astonishment when they see how clunky, slow, impersonal and invasive the technology was in 2012.  They will also be surprised that marketing was still so crude, so poorly targetted, so insensitive and unintelligent - despite all the tools we had at the time....

This video is about" "Future marketing, brands and campaigns. Future trends in the retail industry, presentation for UK clients of Hermes. Targetting customers in a world which is overloaded with marketing messages. How to make your key marketing messages stand out in a multichannel, multitasking world with mobile devices, smartphones, ipads and tablets being used increasingly to get information, read social networking comments and compare prices. Future marketing strategy: how to develop a more effective marketing plan which includes online marketing, direct marketing, social media marketing, latest market research, search engine marketing and internet marketing. Consumers are increasingly intolerant of marketing campaigns which are not personal, invade personal life, waste their time, interrupt their TV viewing."

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