Stronger Brands: 10 steps to refresh your brands and marketing

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All strong brands connect powerfully with memory and emotion:

Body Shop

What does it mean for a brand to be emotional?   It means that we feel good when use the brand or when other people associate us with it.

Brand loyalty can run deep – even when we are disappointed in our recent experience.  People can lose a lot of money this way when investing in a corporation that has “always done well in the past”.

Our own identity can be tied intimately to branding:  the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the corporation we work for – all these things help shape our personal image.

So then, the future of brands is all about emotion and beliefs, and both are changing.   How we position our brands and our mission is vitally important.

10 Steps to Warming Up a Brand

To get you started - think about warming up your brand.


•    Write in two sentences why your product or service makes the world a better place
•    Explain clearly in a sentence why competing products and services are a poor substitute for your own presence in the market
•    In what way would the world be impoverished if your company did not exist?
•    What makes your organisation extra-special?
•    Why would people choose to work for you rather than other similar organisations?


•    Why are people passionate about your products or services?
•    Why are they your unpaid unofficial sales team?
•    If your customers had a dream, what would it be?
•    How can you go beyond their reasonable expectations?
•    What is the most powerful good-news story you can tell?

Adapted from Building a Better Business - book by Patrick Dixon, who has advised many of the world's largest corporations on issues relating to consumers, trends, image and branding.



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