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Target groups marketing Impact of tribalism on business: culture, niche markets, consumer groups, cultural belonging, family, team leadership, community, business unit, neighborhood, village, town, nation. Language and culture in tribal marketing. Tribal links based on interests, location, business. Social networking and new online tribes. How to strengthen corporate tribes, brand loyalty and customer commitment. Impact of Web 2.0, blogs, blogging and social networking ...

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Mike Thompson
June 14, 2016 - 18:24

Interesting stuff. Considering there is an aging population in the UK, that have spending power, most of the advertising seems to be directed towards the younger generation. Current visual images choices and rather simplistic messages, might not actually appeal to the middle aged generation.

Younger people are more likely to take something for its face value, whereas older people with more life experience, may need to see "fact then proof" rather than "fact then benefit"

Maybe I will try this out in our advertising. !!

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