How climate change sceptics are being forced to act on energy and environment. How economics and activism will drive radical change in business, ahead of tighter regulations. Sustainability keynote speaker

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Economic pressures from oil and energy prices, and passionate climate change activists, will combine to force rapid change. Climate change science is only a best guess at what life will be like in 50-100 years time. If you want to know the short term future of corporations, government and society -- then look at passion / emotion related to these issues. Impact on manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, wholesale, retail, production, engineering, emerging markets, outsourcing and offshoring decisions. Questions and challenges to the science of global warming, sustainability, resource depletion, food shortages and so on -- are being swept away by passions and choices of consumers / customers which are driving political action, and very rapid green technology innovation. So long as oil prices remain above $75 a barrel, there will be strong economic reasons for companies to become green activists -- simply to survive, maintain profitability, improve their bottom line. Conference keynote lecture by Patrick Dixon, for Red Prairie, audience of logistics and supply chain executives.

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