Why cash STILL has a GREAT future in a mobile payments, e-cash, e-commerce, FinTech world, and why most predictions about death of cash were so wrong - payments Futurist keynote VIDEO

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Keynote by Futurist Patrick Dixon for clients of Glory Global (huge ultra-wide screen and stage).

Cash will continue to grow in use despite boom in e-commerce, cash handling costs, and mobile payments. Future of Banking and Financial services.   Future of notes and coins. Why young people are using cash more in many nations.

Cash handling costs continue to be very significant despite technology innovation. Over half of all payments in the UK were still conducted with physical cash in 2013.

Use of cash will be driven by one word:  emotion.

Why market research is an unreliable guide to the future of cash.

Future of physical and online retail.  Impact of e-commerce growth and mobile payments on cash n circulation by 2020-2025.

How 1.7 billion unbanked consumers will find access to their first banking services through their smart phone, without opening any traditional bank account.

Winners and losers in mobile payment systems.

Future of bitcoin and other alternatives to physical cash.

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