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Online retail is shockingly slow - for all physical products, compared to downloards. Customer focus - vital to business survival, yet often dangerously lacking. What does it actually feel like? - your own customer experience? Lessons for supply chain management and logistics from web users / digital consumers. Companies can lose 30% of all web traffic if pages take more than a few seconds to load. Digital customers becoming very impatient -- especially time to deliver goods ordered online. Mobile phone apps create expectations that products delivered seconds after ordering. Pressure on overnight delivery or same day delivery. Impact on all online retailers, wholesalers, manufactuers. Examples in pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and auto repair industry. Revolutionising supply chains to deal with the "last mile". Home delivery logistics will require new infrastructure and neighborhood hubs / distribution centres. Dealing with returns from online deliveries can wipe out margins. Conference keynote lecture by Patrick Dixon, for Red Prairie, audience of logistics and supply chain executives.


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