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A look back at the evolution of online banking in 1997.

8 million European homes will receive broadband interactive services by 2000. Only 280,000 homes have these services now. Source: Datamonitor Inc

The greatest take-up of electronic shopping channels by retailers will come from 1997-9. Most retailers outside traditional mail order expect 13% of their sales to be via home shopping within two years, rising to 26% in ten years. 70% of respondents expect to be receiving customer orders via the World Wide Web within two years. Source: "Electronic Shopping & the Retail Offer", a Cap Gemini survey of retail opinion across Europe.

Between now and the year 2001, annual growth in use of online computer banking in the EU is expected to be 75%, say forecasts - Datamonitor Report. Source: The European

A study of 45 banks in Europe, the US, Asia and South Africa found that the low cost of telephone banking makes it likely that this channel will account for a third of banking transactions within a few years. Home banking should account for 12% of banking transactions by 2000. KPMG says the use of fees (home banking) in Australia is still at an embryonic stage and user-pays fees are being foisted on consumers 'fairly crudely', instead of being used to persuade customers to use cheaper delivery channels. Source: Australian Financial Review

73% say banking at home will take off. Source: Barclays Bank Study

There will be 7.8 million PC banking customers in Europe by 2001. Source: Network Week

5 million use phone banking in the UK - 1997 figures. Source: Reuters News Service


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