Biggest Easter celebrations ever... ?

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Why last Easter saw the biggest Christian celebrations ever of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The impact of a global spiritual awakening: a revival of faith among churches of most denominations in many parts of the world. Watch video.

Revival - what is revival? Growth of the church in revival. Why revival is different from spiritual awakenings.

History of church growth at times of revival. Revival phenomena and emotional manifestations. Toronto Blessing and stories of revival. Pentecostal revival history and large numbers of conversions to Christ. Teachings on revival and revial ministries.

Why revival is a mystery - hard to predict. The impact of revival on church congregations and structures.

Why revival has such a profound effect on the faith and witness of those caught up in it. Why revival can drift into heresy and discord. Catholic revival, protestant revival, free church revival, baptist revival, pentecostal revival, Elim revival, Assemblies of God revival, Holiness Movement and other denominations and their history of revival. Music and art of revival.

How the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels and the history of the early church both deepen the picture of biblical patterns of revival.

Sorry this video is no longer available.

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