Take Hold of Your Future - Life Beyond Covid - lessons for church leaders - why virtual church services are reaching five times more people than were attending church before, in some nations. What is the future of Virtual church and hybrid forms of church

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Video in COVID lockdown for New Wine Leaders.  Lessons from life of St Paul who knew what it was to be locked up in prison, and how that experience led to his writing letters, which are part of the Bible today.  So Paul became the world's first time-warp Apostle, the first Virtual evangelist and church planter as direct result of being locked up, isolated for very long periods.

The same has happened to the church in lockdown in many nations.  For example in the UK, 12.5 million people participated in online church services, many regularly, most of whom had little or nothing to do with the church in the years before.  Churches forced to go online each week discovered that they were reaching a vast new audience as a direct result.  Impact of COVID and lockdown on Christian mission, patterns of worship, church life, community action, discipleship, evangelism and pastoral care.

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