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Future of health care, medtech, biotech, nanotech, infotech. Wearable devices etc. Health care trends in emerging markets and impact of global migration to megacities. Health care and ageing, improvements in life expectancy - truth about life expectancy forecasts. Future of pharma and patents. Where new pharma blockbusters will come from.

Shift from health care and treating disease to wellness, health promotion and prevention of illness; further shift to enhancing performance - memory; physical power and so on. Future of organ repair and stem cell organ regeneration of spinal cord, brain, heart and retina. New strategies to treat and manage diabetes using combination of stem cells, 24 hour remote monitoring of blood sugar levels, and mechanical devices implanted to release insulin. Lessons from non-ageing mammals; impact of the genome project and Big Data to allow genetic prophecy. How to avoid 400,000 deaths a year in America caused by physician error.

Future of next-generation medical imaging, 3D operating theatre cameras, robotics, artificial intelligence. Impact of endoscopy and micro-surgery on hospital bed occupancy. Growth of community care to prevent hospital admissions and accelerate discharge home. Impact of wearable devices on community health care. And finally, ethical issues re access to health care in world where 1% own 50% of the wealth.

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As one of the world's best Futurist speakers and a physician by original training, Dr Patrick Dixon has advised over 400 of the world's largest 2000 multinationals, including many health companies, on a wide range global trends, often sharing platforms with their CEOs at their most important corporate events for senior leadership or clients.

He is author of 16 Futurist books and has been ranked one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today.

He has given Futurist keynotes at conferences in more than 50 nations and has an outstanding track record of successful forecasting in health care, pharma, MedTech and biotech over more than two decades.  

* The Futurist Keynote Speaker slides by Patrick Dixon from this event are no longer available.  Scroll down this page for links to hundreds of Patrick Dixon's free videos of Futurist keynotes, posts and resources. 

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