Future of Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain Management - keynote for IBEC by Futurist Patrick Dixon - SLIDES

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Latest Futurist Keynote Speaker Slides - FUTURE

Future manufacturing trends. Managing risks and supply chain disruptions. How speed in retail, changes in customer expectations, is changing the entire supply chain to the source supplier of raw materials for a manufacturer. Future of robotics and artificial intelligence AI in manufacturing. Predicting failure using Big Data, self-repairing factory assembly lines. Mobile monitoring and global manufacturing control using Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing. Prepare for next-generation cyberattacks on massive scale. Future of 3D printers, 3D printing and impact on factory prototyping. Using 3D printers to print human organs / spare parts. Impact of rise in emerging markets on future of manufacturing. Rise of China and why manufacturing in China is becoming more expensive than many other locations such as Poland or Mexico or Vietnam. Shift from global supply chains to regional supply chains. How manufacturing industry is going green - with key industry examples. Consolidation in manufacturing and why it will continue in all major industries. Keynote by Patrick Dixon for IBEC Dublin Ireland in 2016.

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