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Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Latest Futurist Keynote Speaker Slides - FUTURE

Health care trends. Future health innovation will be driven by convergence between traditional pharma, biotech, infotech, nanotech, medtech, next-generation diagnostics, explosive growth in home care, rapid hospital discharge, prevention of hospital admissions, Big Data, genome project, and new discoveries about the process of ageing in animals and humans. Expect radical changes in funding of pharma research and continuing conflicts between pressures for more regulation and more safety, more clinical trial checks which all elongate time to develop new drugs; and on the other hand huge pressures for rapid development of new treatments for sick people who desperately need them. Expect further price pressures on pharma and big discussions about how pharma research is financed for less common conditions. The greatest ethical challenge for big pharma is the contrast in health services for the wealthy and the poor in a world where 1% own 50% of all the wealth, expected to rise to 1% owning 65% in the next 25-30 years. Dr Patrick Dixon is a physician and a futurist, author of 16 books on the future / global trends, and advisor to many of the world’s largest pharma, metcech and biotech companies. These slides were basis of lecture on future of health care for Roche at London Business School.

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