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Keynote speech at Google Travel Industry event on trends affecting the travel and tourism industries. Dr Dixon has been ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today (Thinkers50 - 2005 global survey), and is author of 12 books including Futurewise and Building a Better Business. He recently contributed to the World Economic Forum Governors of Travel and Tourism Industries. See also presentation to executive board of Virgin Atlantic (edited).

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Future of Space Travel and Tourism - Patrick Dixon talks to Virgin Galactic
How Virgin Galactic is taking tourists on trips into space at $200,000 a time. Video of first attempt in new vehicle which will do two trips a day. Dr Patrick Dixon interview of Stephen Attenborough at Google Zeitgeist.

Air travel has quadrupled since 1970 and will probably double again by 2015. What will happen to patterns of business and leisure travel?

Themes: corporate travel budgets, global teams, virtual working, airline industry trends, travel management, travel agents, budget airlines, transportation industry. Related themes: virtual teams and virtual working.

NOTE: All keynote speeches on the future are shaped carefully for each client. If your connection is fast enough you may be able look at the slides at the same time as the presentation but keep in mind that these slides are static and most slides during the event also contained video.

Need a world-class travel industry keynote speaker? Phone Patrick Dixon now or email.

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