Future of Manufacturing 4.0 + Industry 4.0. Automation, robotics, AI, Big Data and Internet of Things. Impact on manufacturing, logistics and supply chain. Factory visit to Serge Ferrari (make roofing membranes) before Futurist keynote by Patrick Dixon

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Comment on visit to Serge Ferrari factory. They make a stunning range of membranes for things like canopies over concert halls or football stadiums. It's easy to get swept along by a story about high-tech, digital controls. automation and robotics but the future of manufacturing is also about inspiring people to achieve new levels of excellence and performance, reliability and cost control. Yes we need all these digital tools, but you still need people to design, install, monitor and manage, and that means motivating high performance teams every day to make the difference. "I always enjoy factory visits - the physicality of it all is exciting, with perfection the constant goal, every time, without interruption in a continuous process which is always astonishing to watch".


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