Future of Logistics and Supply Chain Management globally / in Mexico - why supply chains are getting shorter, nearshoring, and impact on manufacturing

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Future of logistics and supply chain management for audience of Mexico corporate executives.

Supply chain innovations, future of retail and e-commerce, future of wholesale, manufacturing trends, future of Mexican economy, US economy and future global economy. Innovation in supply chain management.

Why supply chain management is becoming more complex with growing numbers of risks of disruption of longer supply chains - and why near shoring of manufacturing will continue to grow. Regional manufacturing clusters, manufacturing hubs - examples in auto industry and computer manufacturing.

On the right, you can see all the slides used at the keynote on supply chain management in Mexico - referred to in the video on this page.

And also a short video of a Q and A session which followed the logistics and supply chain keynote - all about why the key issue in signing contracts between logistics companies and manufacturers / distributors is trust.  Sound is poor - recorded by an audience member on an iPhone.

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