How can I find a great Futurist keynote speaker? Selecting World's best keynote speakers - POST

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker

Five steps to find a great keynote speaker

1. Decide your keynote topic 

Be clear what message / topic / theme you want.

2. Focus on your audience 

What really matters to this audience and why.

3. Watch keynote videos

Look for high energy, passion, strong audience engagement, engaging ideas, relevance, customisation, credibility, persuasiveness.

4. Seek recommendations

Colleagues or speaker agencies can add to your own shortlist.

5. Interview your shortlist

How well do they listen?  Do they really get what you want to achieve?  Are they really going to customise for you?  Do you like and trust them?


I've given over a thousand keynotes during the last few years, mainly for the largest 2000 companies in the world. Key questions when anyone contacts me are about their reasons for the event, what they want to achieve, who the audience are, what the rest of the event programme is, where this keynote will be positioned in the whole narrative of the event, and how my keynote should fit into this to create a life-changing and entertaining, highly memorable audience experience.

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