World-Class Keynote speaker, physician and Futurist on COVID Pandemic. Impact on board strategy, agility, global economy, investment, manufacturing, supply chains,government policy and consumer behaviour. Board strategy advisor to multinational companies

Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker - Dr Patrick Dixon: Futurist Keynote Speaker

Looking for a world-class global expert on COVID to talk about impact of COVID on the global economy, your business, customers, sales, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and strategy?

Dr Patrick Dixon is a board strategy advisor, physician, Futurist and keynote speaker, who has advised over 400 of the world's largest 2000 companies on a wide range of global trends and on strategy, often at senior global leadership team level.  

For over 22 years he consistently warned of the global threat to business strategies from new viral pandemics, such as COVID, in several of his 17 books, many media broadcasts reaching a combined audience of over 300 million, and in many corporate keynotes at large events.

A cancer doctor by first training, Dr Dixon began treating patients with HIV / AIDS in 1987, and started an international foundation in 1988 to help prevent spread of HIV in the poorest nations.  HIV is just one of many mutant viruses like the latest Coronavirus to jump from animals to humans, so Dr Dixon has been closely tracking viral pandemics for over 30 years.

Dr Dixon's futurist trends and strategy keynotes and other videos including COVID have been viewed over 9 million times, and he has been ranked one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive today.

Dr Dixon is also one of the best experts in the world on virtual working, virtual teams, virtual communication, and giving virtual keynotes.  

Just one of Dr Dixon's live Futurist webinars drew an audience recently of over 800,000 people across the world, with 700,000 viewing after the event ended. 

Patrick Dixon always customises each keynote / board strategy briefing for each corporate event, working closely with corporate clients in every industry.

His keynote / seminar / board strategy briefing style is highly interactive, energetic and engaging, creating world-class keynotes on topics such as Coronavirus, which transform how global leaders and senior executives think about future strategy.

Sample Keynote Titles and Synopsis on Coronavirus

Life beyond Coronavirus / COVID19 - impact on strategy

Impact of COVID-19 on longer term trends and corporate strategy, government policy and debt, economic growth, life-expectancy forecasts, medical research and investment strategies. Since 85% of humanity lives in emerging markets, mostly in nations with limited health infrastructure, the likely speed of Coronavirus transmission in such countries is critically important to understand. How COVID-19 will accelerate many existing mega trends, boosting profits for a wide range of businesses, while destroying others. Which countries and industry sectors are likely to recover first from Coronavirus pandemic and why. Longer term impact of Coronavirus on consumer behaviour and wider society.

Surviving the Coronavirus Chaos - longer term industry impact of COVID-19

Despite the overwhelming health care crisis in many nations caused by Coronavirus, many global trends and industry strategies will change less  than many expect. The Coronavirus pandemic will divide the world into three groups. 1. Emerging markets (high population growth, young demographics, very limited health care, rapid growth and resolution of pandemic). 2. Developed nations (low population growth, ageing populations, highly developed health care, intermittent health crises with extended lock-downs and disruptions). 3. Hybrid nations eg China (emerging market, ageing population, intermittent lock-downs and disruptions).  How will this divergency impact multinationals, global trade and longer term economic growth?

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