How social networking can spark revolutions: impact SMS, Twitter, Facebook on democracy, dictators

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Revolution, unrest, protests, protestors, riots, all have been made easier to organise with SMS and social media. Impact on dictators, dictatorships, democracy and democratic pressures from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, SMS. Media revelations of public scandals, corruption, crimes, cover ups and government deceptions, impact of wikileaks on government internal communications and policies. Freedom of information and corruption. Politics and political change. How dictators fear loss of political power from freedom of information. Use of mobile technology, smart phones and other communication devices to drive protests and public disorder. How governments and dictatorships have switched off mobile telephones and SMS, web access etc to maintain political control. How power is shifting from government leaders, police and army control to small groups of local activists. Politics and wikileaks impact on government action, media, TV, radio and national press. Impact on politics, future of political parties and activists, people movements. Video by conference keynote speaker Futurist Patrick Dixon, author of Futurewise and Building a Better Business.

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