Scandal about MP Expenses in UK - predicted in 1995 in my book

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MP Expenses scandal in UK:  predicted 14 years ago - see book "The Truth about Westminster" that I wrote in 1995.  "The system is open to fraud, and some are taking advantage of this. The amounts involved can be large. Lord Nolan described 'fiddling of expenses' as 'a crime, whether it is done by a Member of Parliament or anybody else'. At least six cases of suspected abuse are uncovered every year by the Commons Fees Office. However, no MP has ever been publicly disciplined. It is disturbing that such matters are always kept secret even if discovered, despite the fact that if the truth were known, such MPs would face banner headlines, national disgrace and political oblivion. ne Labour MP said, 'The rules are so lax it is difficult not to abuse them. In fact I am the only Labour MP I know who actually does the mileage.' One secretary confessed: 'My MP would simply tell me to claim to the maximum limit, and so I would make up the trips. It was total fiction.'   For full text of The Truth about AIDS book published in 1995.


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