How to change your world! Manage teams, transform public sector workers: personal story as a physician, philanthropist and entrepreneur

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How to make things happen. Personal story from cancer doctor to starting an international AIDS charity, to bringing change inside large organisations. Successes and failures and how we learn from them. Patrick Dixon -- conference keynote speaker -- presentation for Welsh Parliament to public sector workers -- police officers, fire service, local councils, municipal authorities, teachers, social workers, health visitors, care assistants, community officers, health and safety advisors, government contractors and service providers. Changing culture, challenging structures and attitudes. Story of ACET -- AIDS Care Education and Training and how Patrick Dixon started the AIDS organization as a Christian care programme from home, using church volunteers -- now active in Uganda, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, India, Thailand, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo. How the NHS (health service) and social services in UK failed people living with HIV, affected by AIDS. Practical leadership lessons in change management for public sector workers. Team leadership and motivation to change working practices.

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August 23, 2012 - 22:33

I add greed in as a extra because it is the greteast strength and weakness of the capitalist system in order to be a strength it has to be restricted so it doesn't hurt society too much but at the same time can still push the system forward.

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