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Future of Human Resources. How to motivate teams, recruit and retain the best people. How to engage workforce. Why so many women leave workplace of legal firms and large organisations. Managing two careers in the household. Why work-life balance matters to leaders and what to do about it: life-life balance. Lessons from non-profit organisations and volunteering. How to learn more about the real motivation of your team members in 3 minutes than you may have learned in 30 years working together. How to keep staff and maintain staff loyalty. Leadership development, team management and related HR issues. How to reduce staff turnover. Career management for women and why many very talented women are leaving conventional career paths. Toxic testosterone culture which discourages many women from climbing corporate career ladders. Future of human resources, workplace trends. Why every member of staff needs to know they make a difference every day. Keynote on human resources for legal firms, by Futurist Patrick Dixon, author of 16 books and Chairman of Global Change Ltd.

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