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Life is too short to spend on projects that can't deliver because badly designed don't matter, or with people who will not change or on programmes without real purpose. Staff engagement -- Gallup research, linked to customer satisfaction, team performance, profits, business growth, reducing staff turnover. How to increase team commitment, loyalty, engagement. How to predict performance of teams -- and manage failing teams to become successful teams. Friendship at work increases team morale, commitment, passion for change. Leadership styles and impact on team performance. Non-hierarchical leadership -- based on personal values, vision, sense of mission.Show how teams make a difference, save lives, improve the environment. Win war for talent. Believe in your teams. Human resources, recruitment, team management, development and staff training. Presentation for Welsh Parliament, public sector worker, voluntary sector, charities, nurses, doctors, health care workers, council workers. Video of keynote conference presentation by Futurist Patrick Dixon, trends analyst and business thinker, author.

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