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The message of this video will change your life and strengthen your business. Building a Better Business by building a better world. Show how you make a difference in the lives of your customers, clients, consumers. Biggest ethical test for every culture and every nation: creating a better world, improving life for people. This core value drives every political debate, underwrites all laws, and is the basis of all team leadership.  It is impossible to lead effectively for long without using this principle: will the world be a better place as a result of this activity or not?  It is the key to all effective management, marketing and motivation. The Better World principle applies to every industry including banking, retail, communication, technology, manufacturing, health care, construction, energy, transport and aviation.

However a big question is "Whose World"? Here is a fundamental guiding principle. If everyone or every business followed the example of your company, would the world be a better place? Need to define what we mean of course by "better" and "world". Example seen in pharmaceutical industry failure to adequately protect their own patents and intellectual capital in face of public criticism about global health inequalities and social justice. Failure by pharma industry to win the better world argument in media. The most important promise of every business: we will make life better at a price you can afford. The purpose: deliver on the promise. Profit comes from delivering on the promise.

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Stephen Olin
April 15, 2021 - 15:45

Ask yourself this question: What do your potential customers really want?

Then give them what they want at a great price.

Bingo you will win.

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