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Dr Patrick Dixon, YouTube Futurist Keynote Speaker - Recent Futurist YouTube Videos - Keynote Speaker

Future trends, credit crisis, economic crisis in Europe, Asia, America. Impact on government solvency, bank debt. Risks to global corporations. Sovereign defaults in Greece and other nations. Future of Euro and Future of European Union. Future of quantitative easing. Why future will be driven by emotion. Impact of demographics and emerging markets on commodity prices eg copper, steel, oil, coal. Ageing populations -- impact on Europe, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, China. Impact of digital innovation on social change. Thought control of computers and machines. Neuromarketing, marketing, neurophysiology. Convergence and divergence in mobile phones, smart phones and other technology. Impact and power of social networking and why trust is the most important thing you sell. Managing reputational risk. Managing media / corporate image and public relations. Multitasking consumers are hard to reach with traditional marketing campaigns. Location-based marketing, targeted behavioural marketing and privacy concerns. Integration of customer data in call-centres to drive better customer experience. How to encourage innovation. Where do you get your best ideas? Drive creative energy and change in your organization. Why motivation matters in driving rapid change / innovation -- example from pharma industry. Examples of innovation and emerging technologies to help solve sustainability challenges profitably as part of the $40 trillion green technology revolution. Future of food and energy industries. Customer focus to drive innovation, marketing, management and development of new products. Ultimate business value: creating a better future -- rewarded with profit, loyalty, devotion. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon -- lecture for EEN Salamanca Spain -- for Alumni of the business school.


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