Do what you believe in! Life is too short! Motivational speaker and keynote Futurist Patrick Dixon - - VIDEO

Dr Patrick Dixon, YouTube Futurist Keynote Speaker - Recent Futurist YouTube Videos - Keynote Speaker

Life is too short to waste! Do what you believe in. Only sell what you are proud of. If you don't believe in what you are doing, leave the company now! When you sell what you believe in, then we switch from empty marketing slogans to information, recommendation and revelation - which are a thousand times more powerful as methods to promote and grow your business. When your team really believes in your mission, strategy, products and services, that they will result in a better world for your customers, the business, for themselves and for our wider community, you connect with passion, and passion changes the future. Conference keynote speaker Patrick Dixon speaking at Innotown event in Norway. You can watch the whole of this keynote elsewhere on this channel / website.

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