Why Business Ethics is now Number 1 survival issue - linked to REPUTATION risk. $20,000 PRIZE if you can break my KEY to ALL business ethics. Corporate ethics keynote speaker in HUGE IMAX cinema - VIDEO

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Keynote summary on Corporate Ethics - by Patrick Dixon, for Majid Al Futtaim, Dubai, in huge IMAX cinema, largest screen in Middle East and N Africa. Celebrating launch of their new Code of Conduct - ethical guide for 40,000 employees globally, including Carrefour retailer which they own.

Why coporate ethics really, really matters as a Number 1 Survival Issue for most large multinationals.

How to write a great ethical code of conduct. Avoiding corporate scandals and media disasters. Future of ethics in retailing, health care, e-commerce, banking, sustainability, manufacturing and supply chains.

Here are the BUSINESS ETHICS KEYNOTE slides.

Sustainable business built on strong ethical code. Preventing major scandals, protecting customers, protecting staff and treating suppliers well. Building a sustainable organisation.

Why business ethics is becoming a survival issue for all large companies. What ethics do you use? The ultimate business ethic: a single 4 word phrase is the foundation stone for all business ethics, in every nation, in every industry. $20,000 prize if you find an exception to this 4 word phrase.

Environmental ethics, workplace ethics, retail ethics, ethics in manufacturing, ethics in construction and real estate development. Ethics in robotics, artificial intelligence and ethics in health care. Why emotional reactions are more important even than the facts when a scandal breaks in the media. How to better manage media stories when an ethical question is raised. Lessons from unethical companies and corporate PR disasters.


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