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Future of the retail industry - use of BIG DATA. Patrick Dixon delivers a conference keynote for BNP Paribas in Bulgaria. A world beyond mobile, instant global stock control and improved supply chains. Airbus use RFID in all 1.5m different components of each plane, tracking them across the world. Audi A6 -- 85 door components, 50000 product combinations. The 'internet of things', location data of consumers and products creates 'Big Data'. Making sense of the insights we are collecting on consumer behaviour, and shifting from marketing to creative advice.

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Brad Daley
February 20, 2014 - 21:53

We are definitely living in an age where trust is plummeting. Where a person's word is almost meaningless. I suppose RFID is good for merchandise, as long as humans don't fall under that category. What I see is technology trying to dethrone God as Supreme Creator. Saying this, the technology toward the Mark is coming as predicted. Unfortunately, there are Eternal consequences, and God has other plans.

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