Future of Marketing, Broadcasting, Reaching Mobile Consumers

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How to market to mobile consumers - multichannel marketing strategies, location sensitive marketing campaigns and so on.

Interview of Dr Patrick Dixon at MediaMind DED conference in London.  MediaMind handles around 40% of all online advertising - through servers which place multimedia, rich content on sites around the world.


Future of multichannel marketing, mobile media, broadcasting, TV advertising campaigns, brand development and social media.

Convergence and divergence - winners and losers in the online marketing world and key trends that will dominate media campaigns in future including consumers who are multitasking.

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July 21, 2012 - 13:01

I am an online mkieatrng manager and I want to be able to know a little bit about graphic design and html so I can easily create and edit pages online. I also want to be able to edit graphic images (very basic stuff) and save them in optimal ways for my page. which software should I be learning? photoshop? indesign? studio? dreamweaver? thanks

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