Repair your own brain, spinal cord, eyes, heart - using your own step cells for organ regeneration - new treatments for stroke, heart attach, brain damage, spinal injury - VIDEO

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Repair damaged heart or brain following heart attack or stroke. Treatment for cardiac damage, brain damage, degenerative brain disease including potential new treatment for Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, encephalopathy, micro emboli, brain trauma. Experimental treatments to regenerate healthy brain tissue using adult stem cells -- rather than embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells from bone marrow appear to cross the blood brain barrier to form new brain tissue. Adult stem cells from bone marrow also contribute to heart repair, stimulating new cardiac cell development, improving cardiac output. Nerve tissue, neurons, nerve fibres regrow using adult stem cells. Use of adult neural stem cells from the olfactory bulb to treat brain disease, brain injury or spinal cord injury, paralysis. Animal and human experiments to repair brain and spinal cord start to show early promise. Future management of heart attacks. Reversal of neurological damage, neurosurgery, neurology and brain studies. Antiageing therapies, science and research. 65% of health care spending on people over 65 years old. Aging process -- physiology of aging and remedies, antiaging therapies. How to stay young. How we share common aging and regenerative processes with many other animals. Shared genetic code and cell structures. From health to performance, from sickness to wellness, from prevention to appearance, from rehabilitation to organ regeneration. Future of health care. Patrick Dixon is a health care keynote speaker at many health conferences.

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