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New arthritis wonder cure?  Miracle results for rheumatoid arthritis claimed - not for Celebrex but for new treatment which stops the immune system attacking joints.


  • Celebrex prevents post-operative pain - 2 Celebrex studies published at American pain Society Meeting.  Health News Daily: 26 October 1999
  • Celebrex may help menstrual pain. Market Letter 25 October 1999
  • 355 million people suffering with arthritis pain could benefit from Celebrex. In US 107,000 people every year land up in hospital because of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with 16,000 deaths a year.  That's the reason for Celebrex demand because side effects are lower although costs are greater. Business World (Philippines): 25thOctober 1999
  • Sales of Celebrex exceed $1bn - sold by Monsanto. Hottest selling new drug in Pharmaceutical history, even greater than Viagra - or was until Vioxx came along - see below.  Star Ledger New Jersey: 25 October 1999
  • On-line pharmacies selling Viagra, Celebrex, Proscar, Propecia and other prescription only drugs are being sued by the State of Illinois for supplying residents in that State.  More than 300 internet sites offer prescription drugs.  Hundreds of other sites are linked to them.  Indeed this Global Change site has been repeatedly targeted over the last few weeks by on-line pharmacies wanting to sell Viagra or Celebrex... our company policy is to refuse until formal guidelines have been approved by the relevant medical associations for on-line prescribing. Last month, drugstore.com, Merck-Medco Rx Services and PlanetRx.com got a seal of approval from the Boards of Pharmacy association. The web sites targeted by the Viagra / Celebrex and Propecia lawsuits are expresstoday.com, mdhealthline.com, rxclinic.com and maleclinic.com. Fines could be $50,000 per transaction.  Chicago Tribune: 22 October 1999

Vioxx is a competitor for Celebrex.  Vioxx is made by Merck with $208m sales in the first 20 weeks from launch.  More than 2 million scripts in US. Now Vioxx is being introduced in 22 other countries.  Vioxx is being marketed now to US dentists.  Financial Times 22 October 1999

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