ACET International Alliance - Future of AIDS - History of ACET - international AIDS agency started in 1988 by Dr Patrick Dixon, programmes in many of the poorest nations

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ACET Story - saving lives and caring for those affected by AIDS - Video

Dr Patrick Dixon, Founder of ACET, explains why ACET started with stories of hope from around the world

What is the ACET International Alliance?

ACET International Alliance is an international network of independent organisations committed to developing a Christian response to AIDS.

ACET International Alliance grew out of the work of an organization called AIDS Care Education and Training (ACET) which was started in June 1988 by Dr Patrick Dixon in the UK with support from World in Need. The name "ACET" is pronounced "ASSET".

Today ACET International Alliance has programms in 23 nations including Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, South Africa, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, England, Ireland, Scotland, Thailand, India, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and important working relationships in many other nations.

For a complete ACET-related list of projects in Europe, Africa, , Asia and elsewhere, see the ACET International website.  The "reach" is wide - for example ACET Uganda has key relationships with projects in ten other African nations including Mozambique, Chad, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia,Tanzania and Burundi:  AIDS programmes that have received technical support, advice or other assistance and with whom their is an ongoing relationship.

ACET Zimbabwe / Matilda project is supporting 4500 adults with home based care and over 2000 orphans / vulnerable children.  ACET Slovakia has developed a national sexual health syllabus and has trained teachers across the country. ACET Czech Republic has taught over 860,000 pupils face to face. England schools workers (now under Oasis Esteem) have given out 1.3 million booklets in schools.

Members of ACET International Alliance are responsible for running the Alliance and electing other Members.  The ACET International Alliance is not a funding agency, but significant resources are channelled as circumstances allow from one country to another along lines of close working relationships and trust.

Indeed the whole spirit of the ACET International Alliance is mutual support and co-operation to save the maximum amount of lives from AIDS and to care for as many as we can who are affected.

With over 1 in 200 of the entire world's adults already carrying HIV, and with rapidly accelerating spread in many of the poorest nations, it is urgent to mobilise entire communities and nations in the fight against AIDS.  This is the purpose of the ACET International ALliance:  to be a motivator, a catalyst for change, not only delivering through partners and members vitally needed AIDS programmes, but also encouraging a global people-movement to rise up and do the same.

ACET International Alliance AIDS programmes are funded by many different agencies including UNAIDS, UNICEF, EU, Global Fund, Tear Fund, Christian AID.

For more and to make an online donation, see the ACET International website.

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