Letter from user on mobile phone radiation

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"My husband has just down-loaded your article on mobiles - radiation scare.

Very interesting, especially since I have finally got a public response from Vodafone Corporate UK on the matter. As a mobile phone user of some years - professionally only I may add, I have had some very powerful negative health effects, that I can attribute to nothing else, except my mobile phone.

On long journeys now, I only use it hands free, and for very short periods, leaving it sitting on the cradle some 2 feet away from my head, due to the really bad headaches and short-term memory loss I was suffering with prolonged use before, not realizing how this was occurring initially, ( I am a healthy 35 year old non-smoker).

Before my misgivings, over the past year, it was not uncommon for me to have my mobile phone permanently strapped to my ear doing business running a pharmaceutical division for a large multi national. It was only when I started with severe ear-aches @ 12 months ago, mussy light headedness and general bad headaches happening more regularly whilst using my mobile, that I started looking into the problem more closely, and asking colleagues in similar situations, if they where experiencing anything along the same lines...........to my surprise, a friend and colleague was having the same problems, and I then realized that my intuition on the mobile, as I thought it was at first, was right......there was a real problem.

The short-term memory loss on journeys was the most worrying though, and I would often step out of the car on long journeys very lightheaded indeed, after a particularly long business conversation with a customer. I am writing to let you know that your symptoms and effects on phone radiation are spot on, and if you have any further updates, or need any statements on the subject to give weight to any of your arguments, I am interested to give any input required, as I feel that currently we are in real ignorance as to what long-term dangers we are putting ourselves in on a daily basis using these business implements.

Indeed, my company have no official line on mobile phones and their dangers, and actually my customer support manager laughed when I suggested over a year ago, that the mobile was dangerous to health when used over prolonged periods, when I asked for the need of a shield, and as a company, we still do not have an official line on them. Vodafone Corporate my user subscriber have a very basic line on press release which I finally received a copy of today, after 12 phone calls to them expressing my concern. They still do not officially advocate the use of phone shields, in fact, they have very little to offer the mobile phone subscriber in the way of any definite support on information for health grounds.......as they say everything is unsubstantiated at present........but ask me if I am really surprised?

I know this will be a massive issue in years to come, and that is why I am registering my concern now, I do not want to die in ignorance, I do not want to be the 1950s smoker who does not know better until a government health warning 20 years too late.........please let the people know as much as you can now, and then we can all make informed choices on this product. I for my part, am using the telephone far less now, and at a distance from my head and delicate brain area, whenever possible, but that is my own sensibility, not an informed action. I look forward to hearing back from you when you have a minute to write,

Best Regards, Alison Stevenson Trade Director, Warrick Pharmaceuticals UK Division"

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November 27, 2008 - 18:24
Mobile phone radiation

Oh my god! I can not believe that you say such silly things. First of all, if you want to understand mobile phone radiation please, PLEASE study this topic from physics point of view (electromagnetic waves, particularly microwaves). I just wonder why don't people blame their headaches or whatever on cosmic radiation? :D It mainly is the same good old microwave radiation. Thank you!

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