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Mobile Phone Radiation SAR levels and video

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Posts, Slides, Videos - Future Health Care and Pharma Keynote Speaker

Video: "Mobile phone radiation - what are the facts? Dr Patrick Dixon"


Below is an archive page....but situation relatively unchanged as of 2011.

Video: Mobile phone radiation in adults and children - health risks?

ManufacturerModel number

FCC (Look under battery)

Analog/Digital SAR
Ascom Axento European /1.25
Audiovox PCX 3500XL CKLHGP-230
Audiovox 3300 CKLHGC-130E 1.4514 /0.7162
Audiovox 9000 CJ6DCE37529A 1.28 /0.850
Audiovox PCX-1100XL CKLHGP-3000E 1.48
Audiovox PCX-1000XL CKLHGP-1200E /0.9766
Audiovox HGP2000E CKLHGP-2000E /0.7496
Audiovox TDM-2500 BGBMT253XFOR6A
Audiovox 4500
Audiovox MUX502 BFYM3034 N/A
Audiovox CDM-8000 CKLHGT-1000E 0.794 /1.19
Audiovox CDM 4000 CJ6DCE34608A /1.00
Bosch M-Com 906 European /1.32
Bosch GSM-908 European /1.59
Bosch GSM-909 European /1.13
Denso Touchpoint LXC-E120 1.3342 / 0.9598
Denso TP 2200 LXC-E220 1.37 /1.44
Ericsson CH388 AXATR-393-A2 N/A
Ericsson LX677 AXATR-375-A2 N/A
Ericsson AH620 AXATR-351-A2 N/A
Ericsson CF-768 GSM AXATR-366-A2 /0.725
Ericsson KF-688 & DF-688 AXATR-376-A2 1.32 /0.477
Ericsson A1228D & 1228LX AXATR-393-A2 1.35 /0.823
Ericcson I888World GSM-900-PCS AXATR-394-A2 /0.69
Ericsson KF788 &CF788 AXATR-387-A2 1.56 /1.35
Ericsson KH668 AXATR-375-A23 N/A
Ericsson DF388 AXATR-353-A2 N/A
Ericsson LX100 AXATR-363-A2 N/A
Ericsson R380s
Ericsson R 280 &R280d R280LX AXATR-378-A2 1.41 / 1.19
Ericsson T-10
Ericsson T-18-d AXATR-392-A2 1.40 /0.805
Ericsson S828 European /0.77
Ericsson A1018s European /0.88
Ericsson GH688 European /0.95
Ericsson A1228D European /1.35
Ericsson LX-588 European /1.51
Ericsson S828 European /0.77
Ericsson SH688 European /0.91
Ericsoon A1018s European /0.88
Ericsson SH888 European 0.90 /0.42
Ericsson T28 World GSM AXATR-395-A2 /1.49
Hagenuk Global European /0.28
LG Info & Com LGC330W FFMLGC330W 1.2902 / 0.6698
LG Info & Com LGC300W FFMLGC300W N/A
Mitsubishi Trium Galaxy G-130 BGBMT279XG01A /0.35
Mitsubishi T200 BGBMT253XFOR6A 1.11 /1.00
Mitsubishi T250 & MT254 BGBMT254XFOR6A 1.29 /0.54
Motorola 130 Startac (fixed antenna) European /0.38
Motorola 130 Startac European /0.10
Motorola d160 European /0.81
Motorola M70 IHDT5WT N/A
Motorola cd 930 European 0.94 /0.70
Motorola IHDT5RD1 N/A
Motorola 7790i Startac TDMA dualmode IHDT5YA1 1.36 /0.42
Motorola 3090 IHDT5ZP1 1.16 /0.541
Motorola MC-8700T IHDT5ZN1 1.40
Motorola IHDT5ZS1 1.51 /1.30
Motorola T2297 Talkabout IHDT5ZR1 1.10 /0.35
Motorola IHDT5ZG1 1.06 /0.73
Motorola 7860 Startac dualmode & st7860 7 ST7760 IHDT5YD1 0.54 /0.24
Motorola M3097 IHDT56ZM1 1.45 /0.53
Motorola SC-3160 IHDT5YV1 1.52 /1.03
Motorola 3682 GSM & g520 IHDT6YH1 /0.457
Motorola IHDT6ZU1 /1.24
Motorola GSM Talkabout IHDT6AK1 /0.83
Motorola GSM IHDT6ZB1 /0.90
Motorola IHDT6ZT1 / 1.13
Motorola Timeport l7089 & Timeport 9250 GSM 1900 IHDT6ZD1 /1.00
Motorola IHDT5WW1 N/A
Motorola ST7767D & T8167 & 7867 Startac & TIMEPORT p8167 IHDT56ZJ1 1.34 /1.38
Motorola 7762 Startac dualmode IHDT6YNI /0.58
Motorola i2000 AZ489FT5794 /0.79
Motorola i1000plus AZ489FT5793 /0.43
Motorola Startac IHDT5VGI n/a
Motorola Talkabout IHDT56ZQ1 1.40 /1.17
Motorola IHDT56ZV1 0.99 /1.24
Motorola ST 7868 IHDT56ZZ1 1.53 /0.84
Motorola ST 7797 Startac (TDMA) IHDT56ZF1 1.25 /0.39
Motorola Satellite IHDT6NF1 /0.24
/Motorola Talkabout T8097
Motorola V-8162 IHDY6ZY1
Motorola IHDT5ZW1
Motorola i700 AZ489FT5792 /0.69
Motorola i550 AZ489FT5792 /0.69
Motorola i500 AZ489FT5792 /0.69
NEC 701 A98MP5A1D1-1A N/A
Neopoint NP-1000 N5WNP1PSBSM01 1.38
Neopoint NP-1600
Nokia 232
Nokia 232N
Nokia 239
Nokia 252 GMLNHA-3 N/A
Nokia 252N GMLNHA-3S N/A
Nokia 282 GMLNHA-9 N/A
Nokia 282N GMLNHA-9S N/A
Nokia 9000il
Nokia 9000i
Nokia 918+ 918p GMLNHA-2 N/A
Nokia 1611 European /1.06
Nokia 2160i
Nokia 2160 & 2120 LJPNHC-4X N/A
Nokia 2170 GMLNHP-4
Nokia 2180
Nokia 3110 European /1.24
Nokia 2190
Nokia 3210 European /1.14
Nokia 5120 LJPNSC-1NX N/A
Nokia 5160 LJPNSW-1NX 1.45
Nokia 5170 GMLNSD-1FX /1.45
Nokia 5180 BMLNSD-1GX 1.28
Nokia 5185 GMLNSD-1AW 0.80 /1.34
Nokia 5190 LJPNSB-1X N/A
Nokia 6110 European /0.87
Nokia 6120 LJPNSC-3NX N/A
Nokia 6121 LJPNSC-3ND N/A
Nokia 6150 European /0.69
Nokia 6160 LJPNSW-3AX N/A
Nokia 6161 LJPNSW-3ND /1.27
Nokia 6162 LJONSW-3AF /1.42
Nokia 6185 GMLNSD-3AX 1.53 /1.07
Nokia 6190 LJPNSB-3X N/A
Nokia 7100
Nokia 7160 LJPNSW-5NX 1.33 /0.61
Nokia 7190 GMLNSB-5NX /1.29
Nokia 8110i European /0.73
Nokia 8210 NSM-3NX
Nokia 8260 GMLNSW-4DX 1.14 /0.95
Nokia 8290 LJPNSB-7 /1.09
Nokia 8810 European /0.22
Nokia 8860 LJPNSW-6NX /1.39
Nokia 9160 LJPNSB-3X N/A
Nokia 8890 LJPNSB-6NY /0.94
Panasonic EB-G250 European /0.95
Panasonic EB-G500 European /0.98
Panasonic GD 90
Philips Diga European /1.06
Philips Savy European / 1.11
Philips Genie European /1.05
Philips Genie 1800 European /1.26
Philips Genie 1800 (fixed antenna) European /1.41
Philips Genie 900 European /1.52
Qualcomm PDQ-1900 J9CPDQ-1900 /0.2634
Qualcomm QCP-860 JPCRJS2 1.2487 /0.5432
Qualcomm QCP-2700 J9CAEP12 N/A
Qualcomm QCP-1960 J9CQCP-1960 / 1.41
Qualcomm QCP-2760 J9CQCP-2760 1.33 /1.15
Sanyo SCP4000 AEZSCP-4K 1.4434
Sanyo SCP-310 AEZSCP-310 /1.37
Sanyo SCP-400 AEZSCP-400 1.38 /1.35
Sanyo SCP-4500 AEZSCP-45h 1.38 /1.40
Samsung SCH-411 A3LSCH411 1.4785 /1.0747
Samsung SGH-800
Samsung SCH-1500 A3LSCH-1500
Samsung SCH-1900 A3;SCH1000
Samsung SCH-2000 A3LSCH-2000 N/A
Samsung SCH-3500 A3LSCH-3500 1.37596 /0.6655
Samsung SCH-6100 A3LSCH-6100


Samsung SCH-8500 A3LSCH-8500 1.43 /0.969
Siemens C-25 European model 1.33 /0.72
Siemans S-25
Siemans C-35 & C-35i &S35i
Siemans S-2588
Sharp TQ G700 European /1.01
Sony CMDX-1000 European /0.41
Sony CMD-C1 European /0.55
Sony CMB-1200,2200,3200 L5ACMDB-3 1.3859 / 1.3906
Sony CMD600S L5ACMD600 N/A

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